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Nicole smiling wearing a black shirt with a white background

Nicole Barile

Director of Operations

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
Tulum, Mexico is one of my favorite places in the world. There’s a reason it’s one of the country’s designated Pueblos Magicos (magic towns).
The values that influence me:
The value of doing the right thing even if it’s an unpopular choice was instilled in me at an early age.
What makes LCW special:
Every team member is dedicated to global diversity and is driven by making an impact. It’s an honor to work with such a diverse team that is so passionate about the work they do.


Nicole has over 16 years of experience working in the intercultural space, creating globally minded leaders and organizations. Through her work, she helps clients not only understand cultural differences and build global mindsets, but also learn how to leverage differences to create inclusive teams and workplaces and develop strategies for success.

Previously, Nicole worked as Executive Director of an intercultural consulting company in New York City for 10 years before relocating to Cleveland, Ohio to head up the intercultural training division at another firm. She has traveled to over 40 countries, has lived in Mexico and Argentina, and speaks conversational Portuguese and Spanish. She received her BA in Global Economics and her MA in Intercultural Relations. Nicole is a regular presenter, speaker, and writer on the topics of global leadership, cultural competence, and working on multicultural teams. Her passion lies in innovation and problem-solving, focusing on creative ideas and processes that improve communications across the globe.