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Melissa Neu

Business Development Manager

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
Twenty years ago, I met a group of Czech travelers who quickly became my second family. After following them across the States for ten years, I love that I can now follow them to the Czech Republic, and it still feels like home.
The values that influence me:
In my youth, I participated in an exchange program called Peace Child, where Soviet and American actors collaborated to create a performance piece that expressed messages for hope and change. Even today, Peace Child empowers young people to build bridges between cultures divided by hate and war. Through this experience, I witnessed firsthand how cross-cultural endeavors can inspire unity, teach others about a community’s needs, and create long-lasting social change.
What makes LCW special:
LCW recognizes that leaders have a responsibility and the power to drive change that reaches well beyond the borders of their organizations. Our team is adept at empowering those change agents to confront sensitive issues in safe spaces.


With 20 years of experience in global and domestic business development, Melissa has contributed to the growth of multiple professional service organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions. No matter the industry she is working in, she has a unique ability to listen to her client’s needs and partner with them to craft customized solutions. Her perspective is rooted in her travels to more than 20 countries, her experience managing large multi-cultural teams, and her earnest desire to foster understanding and mutual respect amongst diverse peoples.

Melissa will be graduating from Regent University with her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership in 2023. Her research centers on the convergence of cultural agility, leadership, and global citizenship. In addition to her leadership studies, she has masters’ degrees in Organizational Communication and International and Intercultural Communication from the University of Denver. Through her combined experience, she has learned that there is a genuine need for global leadership development and programs that confront sensitive issues associated with diversity and inclusion. She is proud to contribute to the success, growth, and longevity of LCW because of the company’s commitment to ensuring that all people “have the tools to collaborate, thrive, and succeed across cultures.”