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Maxel Schingen


Get to know me in three:

The values that influence me:
My mother, one of the biggest champions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work, taught me to listen to be heard. To truly see someone else, you must hear their story. To have empathy, one must be able to listen to someone else and always strive to see that person fully for who they are.
The challenge that shaped me:
Growing up in a predominantly white environment, my identity was not always something that was considered. Being on the outside, I can understand what it feels like to be othered, so I always try to connect with people and see their humanity.
My diversity story:
I identify as non-binary. From a visual perspective, my expression does not necessarily present this side of myself. However, my gender identity and expression are not mutually exclusive, and the challenges I faced as a young person who never really fit the mold have had tremendous impacts on my understanding of others. So often you do not know the struggles people are facing behind closed doors, and with this lens, I have learned to approach people with kindness always.


With a unique background in social justice leadership, theatre, and intercultural storytelling for diversity and inclusion, Maxel (he/they) is inspired to create long-lasting change that is focused on unity and the fostering of friendships between cultures. Currently, Maxel serves as an intern at LCW, continuing his training in the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion field.

In high school, Maxel entered the social justice sphere as president of his school’s advocacy and activism organization, which provided him opportunities to work with local organizers and at-risk youth organizations that served the community. More recently, he worked with KMS Intercultural Consulting as an executive assistant, aiding in facilitations surrounding workplace inclusion.

Maxel was born in Houston, TX, lived and was raised in Tulsa, OK, and currently attends Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University where he is on track to complete his Bachelor in Fine Arts. He dreams of one day fusing his two passions, social justice and theatre, into a company focused on building bridges between cultures and telling stories of marginalized peoples.