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María Fagrelius

Director of Translation Services

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
My home away from home is my parents’ house in Spain. I love spending my summers in Spain with my boys, enjoying family and friends, good food, and the endless hours of sun.
The values that influence me:
Honestly, respect for others, and commitment.
The challenge that shaped me:
After college, I decided to adventure to an English-speaking country to learn English, as most of my education centered in French as a second language. My initial idea was staying in Europe. Destiny placed in front of me the opportunity to spend a year in the US, studying abroad. Almost 20 years later, I’ve built a family here, my career, and so many great things.


María’s ability to manage multiple large-scale language translations is a valuable asset to our Fortune 500 clients whose ever-evolving translation needs include online resources, technical themes, global compliance, corporate communications, and product localization. She’s an expert in complex quality assurance processes and assures smooth project flow between her clients and in-country reviewers, translators, desktop publishers, and other project related specialists.

Born and raised in Spain, María previously worked at agricultural newspaper Europa Agraria where she was responsible for telemarketing, trade show promotions, and sales. This experience provided her the opportunity to explore Spain to generate new clientele. Prior to joining LCW, she worked for five years as a translation manager in Chicago with a significant focus on healthcare.

María has a Masters Degree in Information Technology and Privacy Law with an emphasis on global compliance from John Marshall Law School in Chicago. She earned her BA in Marketing and Public Relations from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. In 2000, after years of traveling back and forth between the US and Spain, María permanently settled in the US and lives in Chicago with her husband and young sons.