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Mallory Warner


Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
When I’m not in Chicago, I’m plodding my way across France.
The project that inspires me:
The LCW project that inspires me is the Cultural Immersion programs. These programs take a critical look at marginalized communities and help to shed light on ways that our business practices can challenge the status quo.
The values that influence me:
One value that influences me is the understanding that each of us bring a unique story and history, and that these stories can be hidden by social, cultural, and spatial differences. LCW works to provide clients with the tools to help ask better questions, get more information, and better understand how these differences provide richness to our personal and professional lives.


Mallory’s rigorous research-based expertise in the field of organizational and multicultural communication adds much-needed insights to understanding the complexities of culture and inclusion. Daily, she leverages these insights to support client consulting and training initiatives at LCW.

A first-generation college graduate, growing up in small mining town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan fostered in Mallory a curiosity for the world outside of her hometown. This inspired her to pursue her B.A. in International Studies and French from Saint Norbert College and also spend a semester living in Lille, France. Mallory continued her international studies education at DePaul University where she conducted her MA research thesis on the socio-cultural practice of French Republicanism through the lens of the Headscarf Affairs and Islam in France.

Prior to joining LCW, Mallory worked for a decade as an academic advisor and adjunct instructor in the Department of International Studies at DePaul University. She taught courses on Chicago as a Global City and Multiculturalism in the United States while also developing and leading a study abroad program focused on the topic of Immigration and Integration in France.

Mallory is currently completing her second M.A. in Organizational and Multicultural Communication from DePaul University. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and amateur travel writing about her adventures in Chicago, the U.S. and around the world. She is also trained in wine education and recently became WSET Certified.