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Kendall Washington

Multimedia Project Assistant and Coordinator

Get to know me in three:

Home Away From Home?
Barcelona, Puerto Rico, or Mexico City. I know it’s a lot, but there’s something about Spanish and Latin American culture that draws me in. The food, the language, the music, the sounds, and colors stick out more to me than any other place I’ve been to.
What Makes LCW Special?
What drew me to LCW were problems that I have personally ran into in my personal and professional life. There are a few ways to attack this issue and I think LCW’s approach is very refreshing. If we can get to the root of the cause by making those who have power realize how vicious this cycle has been, I am encouraged that real change is possible.
Values that Influence Me
Perseverance, creativity, community.


Born in California and raised on the west coast, Kendall moved to his family’s home of Chicago in 2014. Since then, he has dedicated his time to mentoring youth on the West Side, as well as creating and being a part of many projects in the Austin and Garfield Park communities. Kendall considers Chicago to be his second home, and he owes the people of the neighborhood for welcoming him with open arms like he was their own.

Kendall’s overarching goal is to figure out how to bring technology to underserved communities. All these kids need is a chance to have level footing with everyone else, and he would love to be a catalyst in bringing that to them.