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Joseph Parsons

Translation Coordinator

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
Chicago, with its wind and ever-so changing weather pattern, has become my home away from home – a 5000-mile jump over the pond. Thus far, I have had mainly positive experiences with the people here. My extended family lives here and they are lovely. They are close to both my home and my heart.
The values that influence me:
Two values that inspire me are honesty and dedication. Honesty is a value that I endeavor to live by every day. Dedication for work is something that inspires me in my role.
What makes LCW special:
Meeting people from such varied walks of life here at LCW makes this a special place. Every co-worker and client brings such interesting experiences and stories with them. I can’t wait to learn more and get to know everyone better.


Joseph was brought up in a trilingual family speaking English, Finnish and Swedish. He studied Swedish, English, German, and French in school, and took self-study lessons in Spanish, which continue, with a current addition in Russian.

Joseph studied translation, literature, and culture and graduated with a B.A. In addition, he completed a certificate in technical writing and authoring.

Joseph began his career in technical customer service and translation prior to graduation. He began working as a freelance translator and proofreader while at university. Later, he worked for a translation agency and for Caterpillar CES Germany as a technical translation project manager.
Joseph has lived in Finland, Germany, The UK, and now he is living in the US, which he considers his home.