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Hannah Strack

Business Development Associate

Get to know me in three:

My home away from home:
To me, home is defined by the people within a place rather than the place itself. I feel at home with my grandmother and cousins in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, with the friends I made singing together during the island's Easter functions in St. Julian, Malta, or with my mom at the breakfast table in Surprise, Arizona.
The values that influence me:
Honesty, care, respect, inclusion, and fun!
My diversity story:
I've been a natural extrovert since the moment I came into this world. I love learning about, welcoming, and supporting others at work, in my friendships, and at home. Being insatiably curious and a lifelong learner, I am continuing to discover how to hold space for those of different backgrounds and unpack my white privilege so I can be an inclusive and mindful professional.


Hannah has a unique skill in being able to understand and engage multiple perspectives at the same time and bring empathy and curiosity into the workplace. Hannah is excited to use her 5+ years’ experience in project management, leadership development, and customer service, to support LCW and continue to learn as a professional.

Originally from the Midwest, Hannah studied Communication Studies as an undergraduate and worked at the Luther College Diversity Center (now the Office for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success) and studied abroad extensively in the Canary Islands, Malta, Turkey, and Morocco. She also taught English in the Republic of Georgia, earned her MBA in Italy, and moved to California to work in higher education and develop her leadership skills.

Now, having moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, she is excited to spend time with family close by and explore the local arts/music scene, bookstores, hiking paths, and kayak on Lake Norman!