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Felicia Scott

Senior Consultant

Get to know me in three:

The project that inspires me:
My favorite project is the Cultural Immersion series. For four hours, we step into the richness of a culture, the history of its people, and the real challenges they face. Each Immersion session leaves me wanting to learn, give, and connect more.
What makes LCW special:
In my opinion, what makes LCW special is the commitment of the people. As individuals, they are doing the hard work of becoming more inclusive.
The values that influence me:
As a child, I was taught to have faith and hope. I believe life is greater than what I see and think at any given moment. It has taught me the difference between losing and letting go. I cannot give up on the things I believe are worth fighting for, and I know how to “let go” when it is time to make room for something better.


Felicia is an award-winning speaker and proven diversity and inclusion coach. Additionally, she is a skilled facilitator, program developer, and workshop designer. Recognized as a strategic motivator and mentor, she helps clients to utilize emotional intelligence and effective communication as strategic tools in navigating the uncomfortable and sometimes challenging intercultural issues that accompany an increasingly global and diverse workforce.

In her ten-plus years of working with Fortune 500 executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs, Felicia has developed programs comprised of both distance and in-person learning for ERGs. These award-winning programs have resulted in a 45% promotion rate for program cohorts. Participants have also experienced increased morale and retention, improved goal setting and achievement, and stronger relationships with managers and direct reports. She has worked with clients such as General Electric, the NFL, Time Inc., Unilever, Loreal and Colgate, to name a few.

A Miami native now residing in New York, Felicia holds an M.Ed in Adult & Organizational Learning from Northeastern University, with a concentration in Distance Learning and a BA in Sociology from New York University. In her free time, Felicia enjoys family game nights, reading, traveling, watching movies, and learning new things.

Felicia’s coaching certifications include Empowerment Coach, Coach Practitioner, EQ Coach, and Print Strategies Coach.