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Daniel Gough

Principal Consultant

Get to know me in three:

A challenge that shaped me:
Navigating the politics and bureaucracy of a same-sex binational marriage has greatly shaped my perspective. I married my husband in 2014, and we spent the following five years working through every stage of the U.S. immigration process—from Green Card application to citizenship. Each element of this—from the anticipation of key Supreme Court decisions to the bureaucratic aspects of detailing the history of our relationship—focused my attention on the intense personal dimension of public policy making and reinforced my commitment to foreground the voices and needs of marginalized communities in public debates.
My home away from home:
I lived on the West Side of São Paulo, Brazil, for several years. I miss the strong espresso and pão na chapa (grilled bread) at 24-hour bakeries, the experimental art and music scenes, and weekends on the Minhocão elevated park.
A value that influence me:
The importance of curiosity and knowledge is something I learned from a young age, and they have propelled many of my professional and personal interests, particularly those relating to cultural competence. My childhood was evenly split between the Northeastern megalopolis and the rural South, and as a young person I navigated between these contexts at home and school. As a young adult, I sought every opportunity to travel, learn languages, and meet people from different backgrounds, and much of my professional life has been focused on enabling others to develop tools to engage people in other communities respectfully and humanely.


Dan draws on his background in corporate consulting, international education, and intercultural communication to help LCW’s clients reach their D&I goals.

As a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Dan advised clients in the Consumer and Retail Practice Area on change management, executive onboarding, and enterprise-wide learning and development. During 7 years of professional experience in higher education, he designed curricula for Latin American and International Studies programs at Tulane University and the University of Chicago. Dan led an ethnographic research project for 2 years in São Paulo, Brazil, and uses his training in research and analysis to craft customized solutions for clients.

Dan holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and an A.B. from the University of Georgia. He is bilingual in English and Portuguese. In his free time, Dan enjoys cooking with his husband, exploring Chicago’s architecture, and playing chamber music.