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Alsu Schondelmayer

Staff Accountant

Get to know me in three:

What makes LCW special:
I feel lucky to be around so many intelligent and open-minded people, and I very much value LCW’s transforming power.
The values that influence me:
Hard work, treat others as you want to be treated yourself, and make a difference!
The challenge that shaped me:
I grew up in the Soviet Union. After the Soviet system collapsed, we all had to adapt to a new reality that no one was taught how to deal with. It was a very tough, but also a very interesting time - everything was changing so quickly.


Alsu brings to LCW 20+ years of experience providing accounting, financial, and tax services to organizations ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to small businesses. Tech-savvy, team-focused, and with a passion for automating and streamlining procedures, Alsu applies her strong analytic and problem-solving skills to address the dynamic needs of LCW’s operations.

A native of Russia, Alsu honed her ability to work in diverse and changing environments while navigating the swift economic changes that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. Before moving to the US, she was a deputy Chief Accountant for Consolidation for a large Russian oil refining, telecommunications, and construction conglomerate. Stateside, she provided accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services to small businesses on behalf of public accounting firms located in Michigan and Chicago as well as directly to her clients as a freelancer.

Alsu received her degrees in Applied Mathematics and Financial Management from the well-known Kazan State University in Russia. In her spare time, she enjoys discovering rich American and worldwide history, browsing Chicago’s best museums, running along the lake, or losing herself among the shelves of Russian literature at her local library.