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IDI® Coaching

The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) is a 50-item psychometric instrument that is arguably the most scientifically rigorous and statistically validated tool available for assessing and building intercultural competence. The model behind it explores why some people are more effective navigating and bridging cultures than others. The tool is unique in how it quantifies the subjective ‘experience’ of cultural differences and provides a snapshot of the developmental process involved in building intercultural competence (the skill needed to be inclusive and overcome biases) over time.

LCW provides both individual and group IDI® coaching to help individuals and teams discover blind spots related to unconscious bias. This experience helps everyone plan for their own development, set better goals, take necessary actions, make decisions with more insight, and more fully use their natural strengths in intercultural settings.

IDI® Coaching Programs

  • Group IDI® Debrief

    As part of a larger facilitated learning workshop, individual learners take the IDI® online prior to the course. LCW then leads a group dialogue around the strengths and opportunities presented by the collective IDI® profile. Individuals receive their own report directly from LCW as part of that event.

  • Senior Leader IDI® Debrief & Coaching

    For senior leaders, ERG leaders and other key stakeholders, we offer individual IDI® debriefing and coaching to help foster their development as culturally competent leaders.

  • Individual IDI® Debrief

    IDI® debrief sessions help everyone from individual contributors to leaders interpret their results. An IDI®-certified coache discusses concrete and practical ways each individual can further develop their intercultural competence. Individuals also receive resources to help enrich their cross-cultural understanding across the Intercultural Development Continuum.

    Program Audiences

    • Individual Contributors
    1 hour  Request Info