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Global Leadership

Every day, we work with leadership teams across the globe to help them meet the challenges of leading diverse and multinational organizations. With these solutions leaders are empowered to more positively impact their teams, their organization, and their brand.

Global Leadership Programs

  • Executive D&I Coaching

    We develop individualized coaching plans based upon each leader’s D&I goals and challenges. When paired with the IDI®, this one-on-one coaching helps them develop the tools needed to succeed in culturally diverse organizations.

  • Customized Executive Training Sessions

    For groups of executive leaders, we create highly customized training programs that take a deeper dive into an organization’s specific cross-cultural and inclusion issues. During these sessions we work closely with leaders to help them develop the high-level skills needed to work in cultural diverse organizations.

  • D&I Immersion Days

    These day-long programs help accelerate understanding and skill development among D&I practitioners at all levels. At the end of the day, each practitioner feels more empowered to speak intelligently on these topics with business leaders across the organization.