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Transform systems and mindsets with culturally competent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solutions

LCW’s multimodal solutions include the eLearning, facilitations, and in-time microlearnings needed to make an impact throughout your organization

While people and systems are often well-intentioned, unconscious bias affects all our decisions. Bias can lead us to make judgements or assumptions which can have a negative impact and unintended consequences in our interactions with people who are different from us. That’s why we’ve created a full range of training solutions to help de-bias the areas that impact us daily. LCW trains people to recognize and mitigate unconscious bias on individual and organizational levels by learning to uncouple stereotypes, unpack assumptions, and shift perspective.

LCW works with individuals and leaders around the work to understand and recognize the uniqueness of everyone so that their colleagues and followers feel supported in a meaningful way. Participants learn to recognize how cultural differences impact behaviors and perceptions through our facilitated and digital training solutions focused on inclusion and belonging. They also learn to leverage these differences to enhance innovation, collaboration, and performance. LCW has trained countless individuals to model behaviors that create inclusive cultures and develop deeper relationships.

One of the things that makes LCW’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is our unique ability to teach individuals how culture profoundly influences how we work and communicate with colleagues in our offices and around the world. Culture has the power to shape our perceptions and judgments of people who have had different cultural experiences and life lessons than ourselves. Our cultural competence training programs introduce various dimensions of difference through master-level, culture-specific, and culture-general programming. LCW’s Cultural Competence Training programs with an understanding of their ability to navigate their own and other people’s worldviews in ways that allow them to be more effective relationship builders and allies.

The Intercultural Development Inventory® assesses intercultural competence – the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. Today the IDI® is emerging as the premiere assessment among organizations serious about identifying blind spots and bias in their approaches to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. LCW provides individual and group IDI® coaching to help individuals and teams discover blind spots related to unconscious bias. This experience helps everyone plan for their own development, set better goals, take necessary actions, make decisions with more insight, and more fully use their natural strengths in intercultural settings.

At LCW, we are committed to helping our clients become industry leaders in diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence. We solve for systemic solutions that enable our clients to create inclusive workplaces with excellent outcomes for all populations. LCW’s agile solutions include customized toolkits for leaders, upskilling teams to collect and interpret DE&I data, gap analyses, roadmaps for initiative prioritization and change management, and DE&I curriculum planning. Our focus on culture and the global experience as well as our ability to address both the climate and processes behind organizational culture makes our approach unique.

LCW’s leadership development training and coaching programs instruct leaders to recognize the importance of building their cross-cultural competencies and inclusive leadership behaviors. We work with individuals and teams to activate their full leadership potential so that they are empowered to contribute to their organizations authentically. We work with leaders to improve and recognize key inclusive leadership and global leadership behaviors, create inclusive work environments where all members feel supported and valued, and become advocates for building a sustainable culture of inclusion within their organizations. To do so, they learn to articulate what it means to be an inclusive leader and advocate for inclusive leadership behaviors amongst their teams and communities.

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