LCW Celebrates New Team Roles

Two people wearing suits shake hands.

LCW is excited to announce the growth of our dedicated team of experts from late-2022 to early-2023 with three new full-time hires and five promotions.

Co-CEO and Managing Partner Alisa Kolodizner shared her appreciation for the team: “Seeing the passion of our new team members reminds me of why I wanted to be part of LCW,” she explained. “The team pushes me and our clients out of our comfort zones to promote equity and inclusion through being our authentic selves, which is so critical for wellbeing. I want everyone to be able to be their authentic selves always and never have to feel like they need to mask it.”

Co-CEO and Managing Principal Chuck Adams praised his fellow team members for their enthusiasm and commitment to fostering inclusion: “I am excited to have them as partners at this critical phase as we develop a long-term strategic plan to serve our clients,” he said. “Alisa and I place great importance on each and every one of them as trusted collaborators. We want them to do well. We want to do well by them. And we want to reward great performance and outstanding outcomes for our clients.”

New Hires

New Positions


Congratulations to all, and thank you for all you do in helping us foster equity and inclusion in our culturally diverse world!