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Spotlight on People with Disabilities

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In this interactive exploration of disability, participants will:

  • Examine the social, medical, and legal definitions of disability and the various meanings and connotations in each context.
  • Define the visible and invisible aspects of disabilities and learn strategies for respectful interactions.
  • Explore microaggressions, the impact, and what to do about it
  • Apply tactics and behaviors to create a more inclusive environment for people that are differently abled.
  • Learn how to apply their learning to their own workplace.

Program Series

  • Mini Workshops for Inclusion Champions

Program Audiences

  • HR
  • Individual Contributors
  • Leaders & Executives
  • People Managers

Program Format

  • Skill-Building Workshop Training – Developed by adult learning experts, Skill-Building Workshops help participants readily convert concepts into behaviors. Workshops are delivered on-site (max. 35 participants) or virtually in our Zoom Classroom (max. 50 participants).
  • On-Site or Virtual Options

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Program Formats

  • eLearning
  • Microlearning
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    Skill-Building Workshops

Training Services

  • Bias Training
  • Inclusion Training
  • Cultural Competence Training

Consulting Services

  • IDI® Coaching
  • D&I Strategy
  • Leadership