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D&I Strategy

LCW helps organizations define their D&I challenges, identify possible solutions, and pave a pathway toward success. Our cultural competence model helps organizations clearly articulate and leverage the diversity of their teams – both in the US and abroad.

Targeted Focus Groups & Interviews

LCW conducts surveys, focus groups, and key-person interviews that help uncover and understand the experiences of different constituent populations.
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Bias Audit

Our deep-dive analysis identifies where unconscious bias in the workplace may exist in processes, projects, and practices across your organization.
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Strategy Implementation

At our root, we’re committed to helping you embed diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence into your organization.
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Program Formats



Self-paced, experiential and globally scalable, eLearning programs are offered in multiple languages and can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized.​



Sustain behavior-change by providing quick, scalable and mobile-friendly reinforcements to support learners at specific decision points.


Skill-Building Workshops

  • Developed by adult learning experts, Skill-Building Workshops help participants readily convert concepts into behaviors. Workshops are delivered on-site (max. 35 participants) or virtually in our Adobe Connect Classroom (max. 50 participants).

Other Training Programs