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Cultural Competence Training​

Because culture is so deeply rooted inside our minds and hearts, we often can’t imagine a world where our values are thought of any other way. Our Cultural Competence programs help individuals more deeply understand their own cultural lens and that of others so they can successfully connect across cultures.

Cultural Immersions: Understanding the Black Experience in America

Take a candidly deep look at the complexities of race and the current shared experience and worldview of the African American community and the Black Experience.
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Putting Current Events in Context

This comprehensive multimedia educational discussion is designed to deepen our understanding of racism in America and provide context for today’s social climate.
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Brave Conversations: How to Have Difficult Conversations on Race

This session offers practical guidance on how to have difficult conversations around race.
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Managing Inclusively: What You Need to Know about Your Black Talent

Ensure Black talent has access to the opportunities, relationships, and networks needed to advance.
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Navigating Global Cultures

Navigating Global Cultures™ provides a foundation for intercultural competence for leaders, managers and individual contributors seeking to develop the core skills necessary for succeeding in culturally diverse settings.
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Understanding Microaggressions

Discuss potentially uncomfortable topics and questions.
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Spotlight on the Latinx Community

Builds actionable insight around the Hispanic and Latino/a experience both inside and outside the office.
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Spotlight on the LGBTQ+ Community

Exploring gender expansive identities and inclusive language practices.
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Spotlight on Indigenous People in North America

Indigenous societies have flourished for thousands of years in the Americas, and their cultural contributions continue to impact modern life across North America.
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Spotlight on U.S. Veterans

Learn the influences, experiences, skills, and values that tend to impact veterans’.
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Spotlight on People with Disabilities

Examine the social, medical, and legal definitions of disability and the various meanings and connotations in each context.
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Race & Culture Matter

With the daily headlines on the impacts of racial injustice and other forms of marginalization in the workplace, knowing what action to take in a corporate setting can be daunting.
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Culture & Identity

The module emphasizes foundational concepts needed for building and developing cultural competence.
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Cultural Immersions: Understanding the LGBTQ Experience in the US Today

Explore the emotions, values, and driving principles that unite the diverse LGBTQ+.
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Cultural Immersions: Understanding the Latinx Experience in the US Today

The rich diversity within the Latinx community along with current issues impacting their experience and perspectives.
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Cultural Immersions: Understanding the Muslim Experience in the US Today

Being Muslim in the US includes varied and shared experiences and worldviews.
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The Power Of Allyship

This session explores the meaning of allyship – what it is, what it’s not, and how allyship can have a tremendous impact in the workplace.
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Managing with Intercultural Competence

Learn the value of intercultural competence and the impact worldviews such as polarization or minimization can have in the workplace.
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Global Mentoring/Cross-Cultural Learning Partner Program

An extended and innovative learning experience that uses learning partnerships or ‘global mentors’ to build cross-cultural communication competence.
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Self-paced, experiential and globally scalable, eLearning programs are offered in multiple languages and can be purchased off-the-shelf or customized.​



Sustain behavior-change by providing quick, scalable and mobile-friendly reinforcements to support learners at specific decision points.


Skill-Building Workshops

  • Developed by adult learning experts, Skill-Building Workshops help participants readily convert concepts into behaviors. Workshops are delivered on-site (max. 35 participants) or virtually in our Adobe Connect Classroom (max. 50 participants).

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