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Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace

Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace: 5 Things to Do and Not Do The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has forced companies to grapple with how they can respond to this sensitive subject. While some companies have made public announcements declaring their support of reproductive health, other… Read more »

LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™

What is LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™? For more than two decades, LCW has designed and delivered training, consulting, and translation solutions that empower every individual – from executives to individual contributors — with the tools to collaborate, thrive, and innovate across cultures. LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™ is a framework for understanding… Read more »

The Chauvin Trial: Guidance for Leaders & Organizations Responding to the Verdict

By Jeffrey Cookson, GPHR, SPHR, Executive Coach & Master Facilitator, LCW A verdict has been reached in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of murdering George Floyd. No matter the outcome, experience tells us that this discussion is far from over. In fact, it will remain top-of-mind for many of… Read more »

A Global Reading List for International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

  Last year, the world witnessed global demonstrations in response to the murder of George Floyd. Hundreds of thousands of people across over 40 countries marched to not only show solidarity with the US, but also voice their anger and hurt about systemic racism. While for years race has been viewed as largely “a US… Read more »

LCW Stands in Solidarity with the AAPI Community

We are stunned by the shooting deaths of Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Delaina Yaun, Soon Chung Park, Hyun Jung Grant, Yong Ae Yue, Suncha Kim, and Paul Andre Michels and the wounding of Elcias Hernandez-Ortiz in Atlanta this past week. We are heartbroken that anti-Asian hate continues to escalate to such a new and tragic… Read more »

Advancing Black Leadership: Six Ways to Support & Elevate Black Talent

From Day One’s recent webinar, “History in the Making: the Future of Black Leadership in Corporate America,” discussed what organizations need to do to uphold their promises to build supportive environments where Black leaders can grow and thrive. We know that this is more than a racial equity imperative. According to Coqual’s Being Black in… Read more »

Six Ways to Continue Uplifting & Supporting Native American Communities

Today, 14 US states, 130 US cities, and the District of Columbia are holding celebrations in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This movement to commemorate Native American history and culture in lieu of Columbus Day has been a hard-fought one – dating back to its original proposal 30 years ago at the UN.  And although… Read more »

We’ve Had the Courageous Conversations…Now What? Moving from Talk to Action on Race (Video)

Over the past couple of months, organizations all over the world have started talking about race for the first time – in company-wide town halls, the board room, and everywhere in between. To help organizations navigate these topics, LCW has developed and conducted a series of Courageous Conversations focused on various aspects such as the Black… Read more »

Social Movements & Self Care: How Black & DEI Professionals Can Support their Well-Being Right Now (Video)

Taylor Elyse Morrison: Inner Workout Several weeks have now passed since the world witnessed the tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Within that span of time,  the race conversation has expanded beyond our homes to nearly every corner of our lives – including the workplace. While the sea change in racial… Read more »

LCW Replay: “Building Executive Presence Among a Diverse Group of Leaders”

Like “cultural fit,” “executive presence” is a measure many organizations use to evaluate future leaders. However, executive presence models often pose a challenge to high-potential women, people of color, and others from different/minority cultural backgrounds. Building Executive Presence Among a Diverse Group of Leaders explores different approaches to developing and evaluating executive presence while highlighting some… Read more »

New Series: “Culture Moments Amid COVID-19”

To help navigate issues related to culture, gender, race, identity and intersectionality in the age of COVID-19, LCW has launched a new series of conversations targeting the pandemic’s impact on specific communities. Culture Moments Amid COVID-19 features special experts sharing authentic and personal cultural insights, inside stories, historical context and current experiences that provide a… Read more »

LCW Replay: “Inclusive Leadership: Responding to Xenophobia During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

A month into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are still struggling to define “normal” among the personal and professional challenges that we now have to confront – whether it’s pandemic-related stress, physical distancing measures, or remote working. Meanwhile, inclusive leaders at every level are searching for the best ways to support their colleagues and… Read more »

Complimentary COVID-19 Tools from LCW Partner Compliance Wave

LCW recently provided translation for two complimentary multilingual eLearning resources produced by one of our long-time partners. Compliance Wave is currently offering Preventing Covid-19 and Working Remotely: Data Privacy and Information Security in a Crisis as a public service to those seeking information on managing the current pandemic in the workplace. Compliance Wave’s decision to… Read more »

LCW Replay: “Going Remote: A Roadmap for Leading Inclusive Virtual Teams”

In today’s current climate, work is no longer merely an option – in most cases, it’s a necessity. In response to this new paradigm and the challenges that come along with it, LCW recently led Going Remote: A Roadmap for Leading Inclusive Virtual Teams.  Part of our Mini-Workshops for Inclusion Champions series, Going Remote was… Read more »