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Hispanic, Latino/a, or Latinx: The Cultural Significance of Terminology

By Ashton Vicente | Communications Associate Reviewed by Rebecca Parrilla | Director of Content & Research As communities and workplaces celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the question on many well-meaning minds concerns appropriate language: What term is preferred by people of Latin American- and Spanish-descent, and why does it matter? Terminology has been contested for decades,… Read more »

Culture Moments: How to Create Brave Spaces for Your Employees

How to Create Brave Spaces for Your Employees

We all know that what happens in our world outside of work doesn’t stop at the office door. How do you approach discussing global events with a multicultural team, and how do these conversations affect corporate outcomes? Culture Moments host Larry Baker (he/him), Harvard Business Publishing’s Vice President of Diversity and Culture Ellen Bailey (she/her),… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Religious Inclusion in the Workplace

While a person’s faith or non-faith is a deeply personal experience, it is also part of the authentic, intersectional identity they bring to the workplace. Yet, many organizations do not consider this important part of workers’ identities outside the Christian faith. In practicing cultural competency, it is crucial that organizations move beyond religious tolerance and toward inclusion­­—especially… Read more »

Managing Bias in Talent Review

By Andrea Wicks Bowles | Senior Consultant As we navigate the complexities of hybrid, remote, and in-office work arrangements, companies across the globe are facing the effects of shifting employee-employer relationships. In 2022, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that voluntary turnover (“quit rates”) was up 25% from pre-pandemic levels, and the McKinsey Global… Read more »

LCW Announces Discounted Performance Evaluation Learning Bundles

Take 22% off some of our most popular programs to close out 2022 with intentional investment in disrupting bias! For many organizations, this time of year marks the season for performance management discussions and talent planning; this is an excellent opportunity to equip people managers with tools that enable sustainable high performance on diverse and… Read more »

Culture Moments: What does it mean to have a race-based conversation in different countries?

Following 2020’s racial reckoning, companies across the U.S. engaged in their own brave conversations, some for the first time. While we know that many of these conversations centered around a U.S.-centric lens, the conversations that resulted are global conversations that have transcended borders. But how do conversations on race differ across borders and cultures? How… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About BIPOC DEI Practitioner Mental Health

Did you know that July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month? BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month aims to increase visibility of the ways historically disenfranchised, marginalized, or oppressed racial and ethnic groups face unique mental health challenges. Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by, LCW Consultant, Melonya Johnson (she/her) to take this… Read more »

Culture Moments: De-weaponizing Critical Race Theory

Across the country, “Critical Race Theory” has been weaponized as a justification for limiting identity-based conversations in schools and workplaces. To date, at least seven states have passed legislation limiting these types of conversations, while citing or banning Critical Race Theory in the process and at least seventeen more states have similar legislation in the… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Why Juneteenth Matters

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday and is being recognized more than ever across America. Yet, not everyone knows why we recognize this holiday, what happened on this day, and, most importantly, why it matters. Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by Dr. Brandon Caffey (he/him), Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion… Read more »

Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace

Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace: 5 Things to Do and Not Do The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has forced companies to grapple with how they can respond to this sensitive subject. While some companies have made public announcements declaring their support of reproductive health, other… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Gender Pronouns

What are gender pronouns and why do they matter in the LGBTQ+ community? What do you do when you misgender someone in the workplace? What’s it like to be misgendered? Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by LCW Associate Consultant Ada Vargas (they/them) for a candid discussion on Ada’s experience joining LCW,… Read more »

LCW Names Charles Adams Co-CEO & Managing Principal

LCW is thrilled to announce that Charles “Chuck” Adams has assumed a new role within the organization as Co-CEO & Managing Principal. Chuck joined LCW as Managing Principal in February 2020, bringing with him nearly 20 years of experience working in community, education, and corporate diversity programs. In the time since, Chuck has been a… Read more »

Culture Moments: What Work From Home Has Meant for Workers with Disabilities

While the pandemic has led to the widespread acceptance of remote work and drawn increased attention to digital accessibility, in many cases, workers with a disability have not benefited from these advancements like their peers. In fact, a 2019 Rutgers study showed that among people who continued working during the pandemic, workers with disabilities were… Read more »

A Note from LCW Leadership: Statement on Florida’s “Stop Woke Act”

Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends, At LCW we approach the brave conversations we have every day from a place of learning and growth that never compels individuals to make assumptions or judgements based on race, gender, nationality, or any other part of their identity. We take pride in helping individuals recognize and then directly challenge… Read more »

LCW Welcomes Four New Team Members and Announces Two New Roles

The LCW team is proud to announce four new team members and two new roles, adding to the expertise and skills we utilize every day to drive transformational change for our clients. These additions will allow LCW to stay at the forefront of the industry by developing innovative new offerings, while simultaneously delivering the trusted… Read more »

Culture Moments: Holistic Health During a Pandemic

According to a recent study by Qualtrics, 58% of employees report their job is the main source of their mental distress. The pandemic only exacerbated this trend – further blurring the lines between “home” and “work.” But how did this impact the inequities we know already existed in access to healthcare among BIPOC communities? In this… Read more »

LCW Welcomes Alisa Kolodizner as Co-CEO & Managing Partner

For over two decades, LCW has taken a unique and industry-leading approach to helping individuals and organizations succeed across cultures. Well, we are at it again… Today we are very excited to introduce Alisa Kolodizner as the newest member of LCW’s executive leadership team. Alisa will assume the role of Co-CEO & Managing Partner, while… Read more »

Hidden Signals Revealed: Boston Scientific’s Journey to the 2022 Catalyst Award

“Diversity is a given. Inclusion is a choice. Equity is a goal. But belonging is the ultimate outcome. And that’s where we want to get to as a company. To where everyone can feel like their whole self and that they belong here at Boston Scientific.” – Camille Chang Gilmore, Vice President, Human Resources &… Read more »

LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™

What is LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™? For more than two decades, LCW has designed and delivered training, consulting, and translation solutions that empower every individual – from executives to individual contributors — with the tools to collaborate, thrive, and innovate across cultures. LCW’s Sustainable Culture of Inclusion Model™ is a framework for understanding… Read more »