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Stay Interviews: Action Plans for Employee Engagement and Retention

By Jeffrey Cookson, GPHR, SPHR | Executive Coach   When it comes to retaining highly valued employees—particularly from populations different from a dominant cultural group*—organizations often find during an exit interview that addressing a specific concern would have gone a long way in retaining that person. Inclusive conversations are a proactive way to help maintain… Read more »

Supporting Colleagues of API Descent

The pandemic led to a challenging 24+ months for everyone but especially for people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. With the recent rise in anti-AAPI hate crimes in the U.S. and the COVID turmoil that impacted India and other regions, there’s been an increased interest in allyship and resources to support this community. But… Read more »

Quiet Quitting is Nothing New: It’s Time to Prioritize Employee Engagement

A hand holding a briefcase next to the text "'Nobody wants to work anymore' is a phrase that has appeared in the media each decade since at least the 1890s." Source: MarketWatch, 2022

Contributors: Rebecca Parrilla | Director of Content & Research Emani Richmond | Associate Consultant Ashton Vicente | Communications Associate   The COVID-19 pandemic strained many traditional workplaces and led to mass burnout for countless employees. Amid blurred home and work boundaries, quiet quitting emerged as a means to reject the pervasive hustle culture and overwhelming… Read more »

Learning Paths to Uplift the Black Experience

Get a head-start planning impactful DEI programming this Black History Month and beyond! Utilizing our proven, identity-based workshops and resources, we’ve curated two learning path designed to spark sustainable conversations that uplift Black excellence in your organization. Partner with LCW expert facilitators to explore what it means to be a proactive ally and authentically support… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About the Impact of Tech Layoffs

Following the industry’s boom during the pandemic, the tech sector faces extensive layoffs and a looming recession. Growing employee unease makes intentionally inclusive engagement the number one priority, but what does DEI look like in tech? Join Culture Moments Host Larry Baker (he/him) and Gusto’s Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer Bernard Coleman (he/him) for a… Read more »

10 Tips for Building Trust and Engagement in the Virtual Workplace

A person sits at a home office desk with their head in their hand, staring downward.

By Conner Williams | Consultant For many people, the coronavirus pandemic brought about a new virtual working environment that is here to stay. As recently as May 2022, just 4% of employers indicated they were requiring their entire workforces to return to the office. Not being physically present with your team can make it easy… Read more »

Webinar: Planning for Black History Month with LCW

Looking for ways to bring meaningful programming to your organization this Black History Month? Join LCW as we preview just a few ways to infuse intentional programming into your training that will open the door to year-round conversation. LCW’s webinar “Planning for Black History Month” is an opportunity to preview two of our cultural competence… Read more »

LCW Announces Yearlong Mini-Workshop Bundle

Claim Your Discount! Open the door to authentic, yearlong conversations on the topics that matter most to your diverse team! LCW’s discounted Mini-Workshop Bundle couples eight of our proven training sessions with heritage, affinity, and pride months throughout 2023. Each mini-workshop includes tangible activities and takeaways that efficiently teach best practices for cultural competence. At… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Muralism as Cultural Perseverance

Brave-Convo-Cover-Update-1 (1)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Brave Conversations with LCW is thrilled to feature local Pilsen murals brought to life by the rich history of the Latinx diaspora. Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood is home to vibrant murals depicting the cultural rebirth of indigenous Latinx stories following the Mexican Revolution. These murals serve as visual expressions of… Read more »

Hispanic, Latino/a, or Latinx: The Cultural Significance of Terminology


By Ashton Vicente | Communications Associate Reviewed by Rebecca Parrilla | Director of Content & Research As communities and workplaces celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the question on many well-meaning minds concerns appropriate language: What term is preferred by people of Latin American- and Spanish-descent, and why does it matter? Terminology has been contested for decades,… Read more »

Culture Moments: How to Create Brave Spaces for Your Employees


We all know that what happens in our world outside of work doesn’t stop at the office door. How do you approach discussing global events with a multicultural team, and how do these conversations affect corporate outcomes? Culture Moments host Larry Baker (he/him), Harvard Business Publishing’s Vice President of Diversity and Culture Ellen Bailey (she/her), and The… Read more »

Managing Bias in Talent Review

Managing Bias in Talent Review

By Andrea Wicks Bowles | Senior Consultant As we navigate the complexities of hybrid, remote, and in-office work arrangements, companies across the globe are facing the effects of shifting employee-employer relationships. In 2022, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that voluntary turnover (“quit rates”) was up 25% from pre-pandemic levels, and the McKinsey Global Survey found career development and advancement… Read more »

LCW Announces Discounted Performance Evaluation Learning Bundles


Claim Your Discount! Take 22% off some of our most popular programs to close out 2022 with intentional investment in disrupting bias! For many organizations, this time of year marks the season for performance management discussions and talent planning; this is an excellent opportunity to equip people managers with tools that enable sustainable high performance… Read more »

Brave Conversations with LCW Live: Let’s talk about religious inclusion in the workplace

Brave-Conversations_Religious-Inclusion (1)

Listen to the full podcast below (Run time – 1:02:41) or scroll down for the full transcript. While a person’s faith or non-faith is a deeply personal experience, it is also part of the authentic, intersectional identity they bring to the workplace. Yet, many organizations do not consider this important part of workers’ identities outside the Christian… Read more »

Culture Moments: What does it mean to have a race-based conversation in different countries?


Following 2020’s racial reckoning, companies across the U.S. engaged in their own brave conversations, some for the first time. While we know that many of these conversations centered around a U.S.-centric lens, the conversations that resulted are global conversations that have transcended borders. But how do conversations on race differ across borders and cultures? How… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About BIPOC DEI Practitioner Mental Health


Did you know that July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month? BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month aims to increase visibility of the ways historically disenfranchised, marginalized, or oppressed racial and ethnic groups face unique mental health challenges. Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by, LCW Consultant, Melonya Johnson (she/her) to take this conversation further and examine… Read more »

Culture Moments: De-weaponizing Critical Race Theory


Across the country, “Critical Race Theory” has been weaponized as a justification for limiting identity-based conversations in schools and workplaces. To date, at least seven states have passed legislation limiting these types of conversations, while citing or banning Critical Race Theory in the process and at least seventeen more states have similar legislation in the… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Why Juneteenth Matters

Juneteenth is now a federal holiday and is being recognized more than ever across America. Yet, not everyone knows why we recognize this holiday, what happened on this day, and, most importantly, why it matters. Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by Dr. Brandon Caffey (he/him), Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion… Read more »

Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace

Considering a Corporate Response to the Post-Roe v. Wade Workplace: 5 Things to Do and Not Do The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has forced companies to grapple with how they can respond to this sensitive subject. While some companies have made public announcements declaring their support of reproductive health, other… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About Gender Pronouns

What are gender pronouns and why do they matter in the LGBTQ+ community? What do you do when you misgender someone in the workplace? What’s it like to be misgendered? Culture Moments podcast host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by LCW Associate Consultant Ada Vargas (they/them) for a candid discussion on Ada’s experience joining LCW,… Read more »