Case Study

Johnson & Johnson

Embedding Inclusion at a Global Scale

LCW’s partnership with Johnson & Johnson began with the creation of an enterprise-wide learning curriculum focused on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership awareness and skills. With several market segments across the globe, we’ve since deployed a broad range of solutions ranging from digital learning to facilitated workshops to microlearning tools that consistently meet the needs of this globally diverse audience. We’re proud to work with Johnson & Johnson, who was recently inducted into the DiversityInc Top 50 Hall of Fame for building an inclusive environment where all employees can thrive and drive innovation and growth.

Services Performed

Bias Training Leadership

The Challenge

Operating in over 60 countries, Johnson & Johnson sought a firm to help its Office of Diversity & Inclusion address unconscious bias and inclusive leadership awareness and skills through both facilitated and eLearning training.

Our Approach

To accommodate its global workforce, we began by translating Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias (IMUB) into 14 different languages and created a strategy to roll out this eLearning module globally. Shortly after this we delivered the Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias (IMUB) Toolkit in 14 languages for leaders to facilitate discussions with their teams. We also developed an IMUB Toolkit specifically for plant environments. As J&J further targeted mitigating unconscious bias in particular areas of talent management and people decisions, additional digital learning tools were deployed, including the Hiring and Promoting Top Talent eLearning and bite-sized behavior priming videos such as Managing Bias in Hiring, Managing Bias in Talent Review, and Managing Bias in Performance Review.

We’ve also scaled a broad range of in-person facilitated workshops across the organization, including Managing Bias in Talent Management for Consumer Products leaders in Canada, Disrupting Talent Strategies workshop for Pharmaceutical products senior leaders, and many others.

The Impact

Today, we continue to work with J&J to further embed its vision for D&I into they ways employees work each and every day. Last fall, the Global Commercial Strategy Organization of the Pharmaceuticals Products segment made improving inclusion one of its top priority areas. LCW conducted virtual focus groups with employees representing different intersectional populations to gauge experiences and assess major themes. From this assessment we were able to generate recommendations that will help the team reach its goal. Most recently, we continue our focus on microlearning with Everyday Inclusion Tips for J&J line managers across the globe — practical tips that keep inclusion front-of-mind for busy people managers everywhere.