Case Study

Boston Scientific

Beyond Awareness Building: Creating Inclusive Leadership at Boston Scientific

With a mission to transform lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world, Boston Scientific is accelerating diversity and inclusion efforts globally through strategies that engage a broader span of new and existing talent to continue to grow their business. Committed to moving beyond traditional efforts that target entry-level pipeline or top-down change, the medical device company invited LCW to lend support to their next-level goals with in-depth training, tools, audits, and focus groups to help mitigate bias in their talent management cycle. This work set the stage for the launch of their 10/20/40 by 2020 plan. This plan includes increasing global representation of women at supervisor and management levels to 40% and increasing representation of people of color in the US and Puerto Rico at the same level to 20%.

Services Performed

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The Challenge

As a company seeking to improve the health of millions of people around the world, Boston Scientific understood how unconscious bias impacts outcomes in healthcare. They also realized the role it might be playing in their ability to attract, develop, promote, and retain top talent of all backgrounds. Committed to attaining BSC’s mission of transforming patient lives around the world, Boston Scientific’s CEO championed managing potential unconscious bias in talent decisions and ensuring his team had the tools to behaviorally mitigate the impact of their own unconscious bias in talent planning.

Our Approach

LCW worked with executive leadership at the end of 2016 to customize Managing Bias in Talent Review. This highly successful session prompted a cascade of organization-wide requests for unconscious bias solutions globally. Soon, Boston Scientific licensed Introduction to Managing Unconscious Bias eLearning modules in multiple languages along with face-to-face unconscious bias workshops for thousands of leaders and team members across Europe, the US, and Latin America.

The appetite for deeper programming grew as we partnered with Boston Scientific to develop custom workshops on topics such as gender and generational diversity along with a nine-month cross-cultural learning program for HR leaders. As the impact of these programs started to take hold, Boston Scientific partnered with LCW to explore the stories beneath their engagement survey data and identify areas where unconscious bias might yet exist in their talent systems. BSC was committed to using such insights to drive measurable progress and behavioral change, and so launched its 10/20/40 program in 2018 to drive equal opportunities for growth among its talent worldwide.

“The day after you met with the Executive Committee (EC), we had a two-day talent review offsite. We heard the CEO and EC respectfully challenge each other during our review process and use the bias terminology you just introduced. Some even referenced the handouts you provided. You had a real impact on the discussions. Several EC members were already making plans to cascade the tools to their teams and continue the process.”
— Wendy Carruthers ,  CHRO

The Impact

After participating in the initial “Managing Bias in Talent Review” program, executives actively challenged each other the next day during their scheduled talent planning discussions.

Today, the entire organization has been trained on unconscious bias and is now working to drive next level change by rooting out bias across talent systems and processes.

The 10/20/40 plan’s success has BSC aspiring to new goals to ensure they keep driving the organization forward as a global leader for top talent.