Author: Ashton Vicente

[Editorial] Heritage Months and Multiracialism

Breaking Out of the Box: Reflections on AANHPI Heritage Month and Multiracialism By Ashton Vicente   When I first sat down to write this article, I didn’t feel like an expert or that I was qualified to write about the Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) experience, which may sound silly because I… Read more »

[Podcast] Fill Your Cup: A Cultural Take on Wellness

April 7 was World Health Day, and May is Mental Health Month. But why talk about health and wellness in the workplace? What can organizations do to promote wellness and help diverse teams thrive? In this live-streamed episode of Brave Conversations with LCW, Host Larry Baker (he/him) was joined by LCW Consultant Emani Richmond (she/her)… Read more »

[Live Stream] Deconstructing myths about the AANHPI community

Brave Conversations with LCW Live: Monday, May 22, 12PM CT Since 1992, May has been recognized as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month in the United States. So how can we honor the lived experiences of this diverse community and show up as authentic allies coming out of a pandemic that… Read more »

[Podcast] Decoded: “You’re not being a team player.”

If you don’t participate in your workplace culture the expected way, you might hear, “You’re not being a team player.” But what are the qualities of a team player, and why are some viewed as more acceptable than others? Brave Conversations with LCW Host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by DEI Practitioner and Founder of… Read more »

[Webinar] Ask an Expert Anything: Responding to resistance to DEI

Learning with LCW: Originally recorded on Tuesday, May 30, 12 pm CT Persuading another person to move beyond their own resistance is both science and art. A conversation for DEI professionals and allies who are newer to our work or looking to reinvigorate themselves, this dialogue centers on examples of resistance we face in our… Read more »

[Podcast] Decoded: “Where are you really from?”

Decoded: Brave conversations with LCW, hosted by Larry Baker; "Where Are You Really From?" featuring Greg Sloan (co-founder, Go Beyond)

Regardless of birthplace or current residence, the phrase “Where are you really from?” can be belittling of an individual’s intersectional identity. How do you respond when you’re positioned as an “outsider” in the conversation? To help us unpack this phrase, Brave Conversations with LCW Host Larry Baker (he/him) is joined by Go Beyond Co-Founder Greg… Read more »

LCW Celebrates New Team Roles

Two people wearing suits shake hands.

LCW is excited to announce the growth of our dedicated team of experts from late-2022 to early-2023 with three new full-time hires and five promotions. Co-CEO and Managing Partner Alisa Kolodizner shared her appreciation for the team: “Seeing the passion of our new team members reminds me of why I wanted to be part of… Read more »

[Podcast] Woke or Broke: Commitments to Black Employees

From the Febriary 2023 Live Stream: Brave Conversations with LCW, hosted by Larry Baker; "Woke or Broke: Are organizations following through on their commitments to Black employees?" Featuring Dr. Harry Petaway (Executive Director, Eqiuty Communities of Practice)

It’s been three years since we saw organizations make a wave of promises and commitments to their Black employees following the racial reckoning of 2020. So what’s changed? Have these commitments converted to action? What do we do when it feels like performative policy is replacing positive transformation? We want to know – are organizations’… Read more »

[Podcast] Reflections from Two Women Business Owners

From the March 2023 Live Stream: Brave Conversations with LCW, hosted by Larry Baker; "Embracing Equity: Reflections from Two Women Business Owners" #InternationalWomensDay; Featuring Alisa Kolodizner (Co-CEO & Managing Partner at LCW, Founder of Cordelia Capital) and Tamara Thorpe, (Principal Consultant at LCW and Founder of the Real Mentors Network).

Inspired by the 2023 theme for International Women’s Day—Embracing Equity—we’re taking a look inward to highlight the lived experiences of our diverse team. In this live-streamed episode of Brave Conversations with LCW, Host Larry Baker was joined by LCW colleagues Alisa Kolodizner (LCW Co-Owner & Managing Partner) and Tamara Thorpe (LCW Principal Consultant, Real Mentors… Read more »

[Webinar] Confidently Using LGBTQ+ Language Related to Gender Identity

Confidently Using LGBTQ+ Language Related to Gender Identity Learning with LCW: 2023 Webinar Series  |  March 23, 12pm CST Facilitated by Jeffrey Cookson, GPHR, SPHR and Rebecca Parrilla This skill-building session provides participants the opportunity to discuss the dynamic language landscape regarding LGBTQ+ people, their experiences, and their identities, especially as related to diverse gender… Read more »

Announcing Brave Conversations Season 3: Decoded

We’re excited to announce season 3 of our Brave Conversations podcast launching in Q1 2023—Decoded: Unpacking Coded Language in the Workplace. “You’re too bossy,” “you’re lacking professionalism,” “you’re just not a cultural fit”—when left unchecked, sometimes language has a much larger impact than intended. But what’s motivating this behavior, and how should you respond? “Coded language” refers… Read more »

Stay Interviews: Action Plans for Employee Engagement and Retention

By Jeffrey Cookson, GPHR, SPHR | Executive Coach   When it comes to retaining highly valued employees—particularly from populations different from a dominant cultural group*—organizations often find during an exit interview that addressing a specific concern would have gone a long way in retaining that person. Inclusive conversations are a proactive way to help maintain… Read more »

Supporting Colleagues of API Descent

The pandemic led to a challenging 24+ months for everyone but especially for people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. With the recent rise in anti-AAPI hate crimes in the U.S. and the COVID turmoil that impacted India and other regions, there’s been an increased interest in allyship and resources to support this community. But… Read more »

Quiet Quitting is Nothing New: It’s Time to Prioritize Employee Engagement

A hand holding a briefcase next to the text "'Nobody wants to work anymore' is a phrase that has appeared in the media each decade since at least the 1890s." Source: MarketWatch, 2022

Contributors: Rebecca Parrilla | Director of Content & Research Emani Richmond | Associate Consultant Ashton Vicente | Communications Associate   The COVID-19 pandemic strained many traditional workplaces and led to mass burnout for countless employees. Amid blurred home and work boundaries, quiet quitting emerged as a means to reject the pervasive hustle culture and overwhelming… Read more »

Learning Paths to Uplift the Black Experience

Get a head-start planning impactful DEI programming this Black History Month and beyond! Utilizing our proven, identity-based workshops and resources, we’ve curated two learning paths designed to spark sustainable conversations that uplift Black excellence in your organization. Partner with LCW expert facilitators to explore what it means to be a proactive ally and authentically support… Read more »

Culture Moments: Let’s Talk About the Impact of Tech Layoffs

Following the industry’s boom during the pandemic, the tech sector faces extensive layoffs and a looming recession. Growing employee unease makes intentionally inclusive engagement the number one priority, but what does DEI look like in tech? Join Culture Moments Host Larry Baker (he/him) and Gusto’s Chief Diversity and Engagement Officer Bernard Coleman (he/him) for a… Read more »

10 Tips for Building Trust and Engagement in the Virtual Workplace

A person sits at a home office desk with their head in their hand, staring downward.

By Conner Williams | Consultant For many people, the coronavirus pandemic brought about a new virtual working environment that is here to stay. As recently as May 2022, just 4% of employers indicated they were requiring their entire workforces to return to the office. Not being physically present with your team can make it easy… Read more »