Announcing Brave Conversations Season 3: Decoded

We’re excited to announce season 3 of our Brave Conversations podcast launching in Q1 2023—Decoded: Unpacking Coded Language in the Workplace.

“You’re too bossy,” “you’re lacking professionalism,” “you’re just not a cultural fit”when left unchecked, sometimes language has a much larger impact than intended. But what’s motivating this behavior, and how should you respond?

“Coded language” refers to phrases that could be potentially masking bias and often signal cultural dissonance. Join LCW Lead Facilitator Larry Baker (he/him) and experts from the cross-cultural and DEI space as they break down what coded language really means. Each episode, we’ll unpack a new phrase by sharing personal stories and lessons learned, how it relates to larger systemic issues, and tips to help you navigate unconscious bias in your communities and workplace.

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